Welcome to Vipul MedCare

Vipul MedCare Pvt Ltd., promoted by Vipul Group of India is an organization focused on providing supreme healthcare services to patients searching for quality healthcare options at affordable prices across the globe. It serves as the bridge between patients seeking consultation, treatments, surgeries and top quality hospitals that facilitate efficient healthcare for visiting patients.

Medical tourism has been a growing industry in the world that Vipul MedCare intends to serve by providing value added services to its clients. Vipul MedCare would serve patients beginning from the time the patient enquires from us to the time the patient gets his/her treatment performed and satisfactorily returns to the country of origin.

It has a strong presence within India (tie ups with major internationally accredited, top quality hospitals), which is one of the top destinations for medical tourism. Also, it has eminent international presence with offices in the Middle East and South East Asia to be a truly global organization in this industry.

We at Vipul Medcare strongly encourage patients to sign up with us over the web site or contact us to avail the best medical tourism options across the globe. With our 24/7 online support platform, helpdesk, dedicated trained staff, a strong network in the healthcare industry, and our excellent IT systems which would act as your life long medical record keeper, we are confident to provide the best services to serve our clients.